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Jet Airways Konnect- Airline Flight Schedule

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Jet Airways Konnect – Flight Schedule

Posted by Admin on June 17, 2009

Jet Airways konnect is the finest airline of India. It connects many destinations across India. In this blog I am giving you some information about jet airways konnect airline’s flight schedule. Jet airways has recently launch a new airline to meet the needs of the customers. It is very cheap airline of Jet Airways. The only difference between jet airways other airlines and this new airline is that visitors have to buy their meals on board. All the services in airlines and on the ground will be delivered by Jet Airways staff. So enjoy the Luxury with jet airways konnect

I am mentioning the whole flight schedule of Jet Airways Konnect airlines in this blog which is updated from the official site of Jet Airways Konnect.

March 2010 – Best month for “women travelers”

Jet Airways offering special fares and benefits for women travellers who fly with Jet Airways in March 2010, All women will get 10% discount on the domestic fares and 5% on the international fares, the only condition is that they have to book their flights on the official website of jet airways. This offer is effective from March 1 to March 10.

Have a nice visit with Jet Airways Konnect Airline…

Jet Airways Konnect – Aircraft Type: ATR72-500s

Flight No. to        Jet Airways Konnect     Sector

Mumbai Flight Schedule

Jet Airways Konnect

Jet Airways Konnect

9W 3107/3108     9W 2501/2502     Mumbai-Bhopal-Mumbai

9W 3107/3108     9W 2501/2502     Mumbai-Bhopal-Mumbai

9W 3415/3416     9W 2505/2506     Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

9W 3405/3406     9W 2541/2542     Mumbai-Udaipur-Mumbai

Delhi Flight Schedul

9W 3707/3708     9W 2631/2632     Delhi-Amritsar-Delhi

9W 3321/3322     9W 2633/2634     Delhi-Amritsar-Delhi

9W 3703/3704     9W 2601/2602     Delhi-Vadodara-Delhi

Chennai Flight Schedule

9W 3521/3522     9W 2721/2722     Chennai-Madurai-Chennai

Jet Airways Konnect

Jet Airways Konnect

9W 3570/3571     9W 2725/2726     Chennai-Coimbatore-Chennai

9W 3525/3531     9W 2727/2728     Chennai-Bengaluru-Chennai

9W 3519/3520     9W 2723/2724     Chennai-Madurai-Chennai

Mumbai Flight Schedule

9W 3411/3412     9W 2507/2508     Mumbai-Bhavnagar-Mumbai

9W 3407/3408     9W 2543/2544     Mumbai-Jodhpur-Mumbai

9W 3105/3106     9W 2503/2504     Mumbai-Bhopal-Mumbai

9W 3529/3512     9W 2729/2732     Chennai-Kochi-Bengaluru

9W 3511/3530     9W 2731/2730     Bengaluru-Kochi-Chennai

9W 3588/3589     9W 2733/2734     Chennai-Kochi-Chennai

9W 3559                 9W 2571                Pune-Bengaluru

Bangaluru Flight Schedule

9W 3561/3562     9W 2735/2736     Bengaluru-Mangalore-Bengaluru

9W 3541/3542     9W 2739/2740     Bengaluru-Hyderabad-Bengaluru

9W 3563/3564     9W 2737/2738     Bengaluru-Mangalore-Bengaluru

9W 3560     9W 2572     Bengaluru-Pune

Jet Airways Konnect – Aircraft Type: B737-800 (175 seater)

Existing Flight No. to     Jet Airways Konnect     Sector

Mumbai Flight Schedule

9W 321/322     9W 2001/2002     Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

9W 322/335     9W 2002/2701     Mumbai-Chennai-Mumbai

9W 325/326     9W 2003/2004     Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

9W 375/376     9W 2051/2052     Mumbai-Jaipur-Mumbai

9W 349/350     9W 2005/2006     Mumbai-Vadodara-Mumbai

9W 403/404     9W 2103/2104     Mumbai-Kochi-Mumbai

9W 371/372     9W 2053/2054     Mumbai-Jaipur-Mumbai

Kolkata Flight Schedule

9W 515/516     9W 2451/2452     Kolkata-Bengaluru-Kolkata

9W 623/624     9W 2476/2477     Kolkata-Jorhat-Kolkata

9W 619/620     9W 2478/2479     Kolkata-Agartala-Guwahati-Kolkata


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